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ColabamumbaiThe Heroin Was Good The Money Even Better

Heroin and Hashish were my money making machines in the 70’s.  Afghanistan and Thailand were my favoured suppliers. The Golden Triangle, Burma, Thailand and Laos used to supply 90% of the worlds heroin, good clean Number 4, Pong Cow, in Thai. The purity was never less than 96% pure and clients even wanted to purchase the 350 gram empty bags with the brand like Double UO Globe and Red Lion Brand. Three bags minus the plastic gave you your kilo of 1,000 grams. Today Afghanistan leads world production with a badly refined brown, rarely injectable, but ok to smoke. “You can never go back.”   I did just that recently. Is there anyone out that there that can relate to this? Most of the opium dens in Mumbai/Bomabay are now closed as it seems they have been replaced with people smoking the brown Afghani heroin on the streets, Sukalaji Street has changed forever. Some of the best days of my life were spent in those dens getting my daily smoke. The best high was always going through customs.

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Colabamumbai Rememberance Day

I feel proud to be a Canadian, it takes Rememberance Day to remind me.

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Colabamumbai No one gets out of here alive.

We all live quiet lives of desperation. Whether rich or poor we all go to bed with the same fears, hopes and dreams. I though that it was only me who suffered from this neurosis. The fall weather is getting colder, leaves are falling, squirrels are saving their nuts. Who is going to save mine as they start to freeze. My thought always turn to warmer climes, Mexico, India and Thailand and younger days. At  the age of  59 Tuesday what have I accomplished in life? I have survived this long, that was a challenge in itself. Now without a job and a pension six years away, where do I run?

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Colabamumbai Cell Phone

I get to listen to many people every day talking on their cell phones, they are invading my space and I don’t like that. I don’t carry or own a cell phone. I don’t need to be party to others calls.

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Toronto Transit vs Bangkok Transit

Food and drinks on one but not allowed on the other. Do you think that food and drinks should be allowed on public transportation? Are we third world here already. Bangkok, no food or drinks on metro system, on buses some ok, but people have the maanners not to eat on public transport.

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Oh Canada?

Now if you live in Canada you can work for the Government, defraud the public of millions of dollars of their tax money and resign from your post without any charges and a nice fat Government Pension as well, or you can sue them/us the taxpayers for wrongful dismissal.

I am sick and tired of the politicians squandering my tax money and tired of supporting a bogus Government. I urge you to join an action group and refuse to pay your taxes, both provincial and federal. I bet that you don’t have what it takes. Have you been to prison before? no, I figured not. You think that you have something to lose, you don”t. You have everything to gain. Stop being the sheep lead to the slaughter, because that is what you are and what you do when you live in Canada, the land of the free.

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Colabamumbai Thailand is always a beautiful place to visit although it can be very hot during the summer months, and cooler in December and January. Be very careful at the new airport in Bangkok and avoid buying anything in the Duty Free Shops, all of them but specifically King Power Duty Free Shops in Thailand. They are accusing clients of theft, having them arrrested and transported to a police station outside of the airport, where they are forced to pay hundreds and of dollars, sometimes thousands,  for their freedom. This is set up and organized crime. These stores are owned by generals from the Thai Military, everyone gets a cut. The same as the deposit you pay for damages on water toys, at the beaches. When you return the wave runner they will show you damage and call the police and demand  too much money for your freedom. Be warned in advance.

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Hello world!

Mexico, thinking of retiring there, think again. Its bad new almost everywhere, your chances of being killed, kidnapped or just robbed or injured are very high. Ive spent the last 5 years there and gave it up. It has become to lawless and only attracts the same.

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