I have probably spent half my life on the road and just recently returned from living and managing a business in Mexico. I have ‘itchy feet’, no, not athletes foot, the urge to be constantly on the move. Im more comfortable sometimes with less, because you actually have more. We will discuss that at another time. I have written, am writing a book for people thinking of retiring in Mexico and one about my adventures in the Far East. I am not a writer by profession. It has always been an outlet for me to communicate

As the days become shorter and colder here in Toronto, my thoughts head East to India and Thailand. I took the road less travelled thru  Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Thailand and Laos. They say that you can never go back.

The cities and towns, villages and temples were one with you and you with them. Drinking liquid L.S.D.  “How many drops would you like tonight.” Partying with the full moon on Ajuna Beach in  Goa, a Portugese Colony, on the Indian Ocean about 400 kilometres south of Bombay/Mumbai.

I dont long for those days again, but live a little of them again each day.

There were a few of us, quite a few who knew each other either before, during or after our youthful adventures. Some of us are still alive. I still have my tailored made, raw silk suit from the tailor shop in the Taj Mahal Hotel. It fits me as if I was measured for it yesterday. With the current downswing in the economy rents on high rent streets in whatever big city in the world have fallen, they have fallen more in Colaba, Mumbai than anywhere else in the world. Would you like to rent a store front, or some space on the street?


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