Posted by: colabamumbai | November 14, 2009

ColabamumbaiThe Heroin Was Good The Money Even Better

Heroin and Hashish were my money making machines in the 70’s.  Afghanistan and Thailand were my favoured suppliers. The Golden Triangle, Burma, Thailand and Laos used to supply 90% of the worlds heroin, good clean Number 4, Pong Cow, in Thai. The purity was never less than 96% pure and clients even wanted to purchase the 350 gram empty bags with the brand like Double UO Globe and Red Lion Brand. Three bags minus the plastic gave you your kilo of 1,000 grams. Today Afghanistan leads world production with a badly refined brown, rarely injectable, but ok to smoke. “You can never go back.”   I did just that recently. Is there anyone out that there that can relate to this? Most of the opium dens in Mumbai/Bomabay are now closed as it seems they have been replaced with people smoking the brown Afghani heroin on the streets, Sukalaji Street has changed forever. Some of the best days of my life were spent in those dens getting my daily smoke. The best high was always going through customs.


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