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Colabamumbai Thailand is always a beautiful place to visit although it can be very hot during the summer months, and cooler in December and January. Be very careful at the new airport in Bangkok and avoid buying anything in the Duty Free Shops, all of them but specifically King Power Duty Free Shops in Thailand. They are accusing clients of theft, having them arrrested and transported to a police station outside of the airport, where they are forced to pay hundreds and of dollars, sometimes thousands,  for their freedom. This is set up and organized crime. These stores are owned by generals from the Thai Military, everyone gets a cut. The same as the deposit you pay for damages on water toys, at the beaches. When you return the wave runner they will show you damage and call the police and demand  too much money for your freedom. Be warned in advance.

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November 21 in Thailand.

Hot and overcast today 30-31 degrees Celsius in Chonburi not far from Pattaya.

I have a student for an English lesson at 10 a.m.

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Read My Books

I have been publishing since May 2016. “201 Things That You Must Know About Thailand”, was my second book. I have been living for seven years in Thailand. I spent time in Thailand India and Laos in the 1970’s.

“Meting And Dating Thai Women” was just recently published.

Look forwarded to “Confessions Of A Heroin Smuggler” to be published soon.

Thailand November 2016/2559

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English Teaching in Thailand

You can always find work teaching English in Thailand, more so if you are a native English speaker, but we have teachers from every country in the world here.  Salaries range from $1,000 to $2,000 US or Canadian dollars per month and require a minimum of 20 hours per week. The government wants English to be the second language. A minimum of 16 hours a week is necessary to obtain a work permit to legally work here, without the risk of arrest, detention and deportation, as well as been blacklisted, never to return to Thailand.

A diploma is necessary in most cases, a degree is better, but many people find jobs without either.

If you can budget you can save from $500 to a $1,000.00 dollars a month after expenses.

I welcome comments or questions.


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Ran Over Dog

Tanya just ran over Krishna in the driveway, seriously.

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Laotian Beauty

Laotian Beauty

Chansi from Laos

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Mumbai Girl

Mumbai Girl

Beautiful Beggar

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Lady Gaga In Thailand

She said that she wanted to buy a fake Rolex, the Thais got pissed at her. I guess that they do not take any pride in themselves or their counterfeiting skills.

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Living and Working in Thailand

Easier just living, working requires a lot of paperwork, the proper visa and a Work Permit. Everytime you change jobs a new visa and W.P. are required at a cost to you. The visa must be applied for outside of the country and reams of paper from both your employer and yourself are necessary.

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The School Is Getting My Education Visa

Getting excited should be going to Bangkok, the real City of Angels in the next month. Just waiting for the Education Ministry to approve my application. I am going to learn the Thai Language for six months to a year. This may make for an easier transition to retirement in Thailand in the future. All of this does sound familiar for me, six years ago moving to Mexico and learning Spanish. I am always up for a challenge. The new website will be up and waiting for you comments after Christmas.

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New website

You can visit us at we are all survivors, comment on your cancer tell us your story.



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